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The Nose Job with No Surgery!

February 9, 2011

Want to improve the nose that you have? Wait until you save some bucks for a costly rhinoplasty and spend thousands of dollars and then wait for the surprise of how your entire face will look like after the operation. Anyone can take the risk and then have a nose that looks like Taylor Swift’s or end up like something punched by Manny Pacquaio. Now, there is an alternative that will end up your worries and save your money. The Beauty Lift High Nose device is a face vibrator is here to save the day.

The Beauty Lift High Nose promises to give you better raised nose upon regular use for 3 minutes a day. According to its Japanese maker, the Omni company, it works by sending vibes to the bones of the nose that will lift the nose for prolonged use.

The Japan Trend Shop is already the main distributor of this product online but will this really fulfill its promise? You can give it a try or wait for others’ testimonials! One can have it for $144.00.

Photo credit: Crunchgear

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