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DIY Functional NES Coffee Table Lets You Play Games!

December 13, 2010

Children of the Nintendo era will surely become nostalgic with this DIY video of this playable coffee table created by 3 amazingly talented men. This coffee table is actually the exact 10 times replica of the classic Nintendo game controller (remember Family Computer?) with all the details meticulously incorporated on the cleverly-made furniture. Playable NES coffee tables are already created in the past but every new one created is always different and cool. This one is so far the most extreme ever!

These three guys may seem to have worked hard on the buttons and some springs in the controller but the finished product seems to be worth all the effort. If you think that the owners are the coolest having this functional NES controller coffee table, it is not bad to give it a try to DIY too!

Well, if you want to skip all the hard work, just wait until you can see this table available on eBay by the 19th of December.

Video credit: 10updeluxe account via Youtube via CrunchGear
Photo credit: CrunchGear

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