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Unique Photography Without Using Camera!

December 6, 2010

'Chemigram 8/2/61 I by Pierre Cordier, 8 février 1961', 1961. Centre Pompidou, Paris, Musée National d’Art Moderne/Centre de Création Industrielle

If you think that the latest digital cameras that you have today can give the best photographs, then think again. Yes, you can get the best shots by using your latest camera models but did you know that you can create wonderful photos without even using a camera? Take it from the artistic professionals who created beautiful photographic images just by using powerful chemicals, silver salts, photosensitive paper, and even the moon and a flashlight! Digital lens is not required for these creative people, just pure talent.

With the samples of their works, you won’t believe that they are not created digitally. The images created from each of the artists’ own methods are captivating, spectacular, and unique. They are so remarkable that you don’t even imagine how they did it without using a real camera.

In this photo, Susan Derges uses photographic paper in the river and then utilized the light given by the moon and her flashlight. I didn’t even know that those resources can actually be used to produce impressive images. Awesome!

'Arch 4 (summer)' by Susan Derges, 2007/8. Collection of the artist

Another example is this image which is one of the creations of Floris Neususs. On that image, he used a real human body having his model pose in different positions. The amount of cloudiness and clearness in some parts gives a real good effect.

'Untitled (Körperfotogramm) by Floris Neusüss, Kassel, 1967', 1967. Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel, Graphische Sammlung, Germany

In this era of photography, there are beautiful things which digital cameras are not able to produce such as these.

Photo credit: Digital Journal of Photography

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