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Human Jukebox Actually Swallows the Whole Sound System!

November 29, 2010

If you want to literally feel the beat of the music you are playing, swallowing the sound system can be the perfect solution. Yes, I am not kidding. With the capsule-like wireless sound system called gutPod playing inside Fredrick Hjelmquist’s stomach, he can perfectly enjoy the bass of the sound that is currently played in his computer.

Hjelmquist’s videos has been circulating on the Internet where he swallows the gutPod as a promotional stunt for that small wireless sound system device that his company is producing. The so-called gutPod has successfully made him a Human Jukebox where music is playing being heard from his own stomach.

Right now, he has this website where a list of songs can be played and can be simultaneously heard in his tummy. There are already a couple of videos being publicized in the web where people can expect more of his upcoming vids.

For this kind of device, I’d rather use it on my bag or pocket rather than digest it while it plays on my toilet like an iCrap.

Video credits: Youtube by PauseJukebox

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