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Lego Custom ‘Thriller’ Scene with MJ and 24 Undead

November 1, 2010

One of the most influential music videos of the 80’s can be remade via Lego minifigs reliving the scene this Halloween! Yes, the bunch in the picture is composed of 24 zombie minifigs and Michael Jackson on the lead. It’s nice to see these block figures doing their signature formation imagining that they are doing their contagious struts and dance moves on the terrified-filled street.

This captured Lego drama was created by’s one of the most loved artist called “PowerPig”, who created cool and attention catching PhotoShopped lego images. According to the site author Joe, the lego work is actually completed only due to PowerPig’s creativity.

PowerPig said that the idea started when the undead figures became available in winter and he began to get 24 of them that time thinking of creating a Lego model for the King of Pop’s “Thriller” music video. Anyone can actually get a zombie minifig but guess what? Not the Michael Jackson.

The MJ figure used by PowerPig is actually a custom blend of different lego pieces. First, the red body which matched the costume of the singer came from last year’s Santa Claus figure. The head was from Seso from the Prince of Persia set and the hair came from a skateboarding figure. And to complete the whole Michael figure, the face was digitally customized. The photo was taken on his desk and that made the Lego Thriller scene perfect!

Happy Halloween!

Photo credits: PowerPig via Gizmodo

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