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Largest Gummy Worm in the World Freshly Dirt-Dug

October 24, 2010

Hold your breath while you eat this 26-inch long and 5-inch thick gummy worm which is actually a giant version of the gummy candies that we love to eat. This humongous dessert weighs 3 lbs and just like its little counterpart, it also has a ribbed body and a double flavor. It’s just that watching this promotional video especially with the man eating the worm is kind of nasty for some reasons.

Gummy dinner!

Eating this entire worm at one go can give you 4,000 calories for which you can share with your friends anytime. What’s good about this is that you can store it for a longer time even for one year so you can always consume it bit by bit. I love the idea in the video where you can present it like a real worm with dirt (as in not real dirt but ground Oreos and chocolate) and enjoy it together with your friends. This can be bought for $27.95 in 5 flavors to choose from.

Photo credit: Vat19 via Gizmodo
Video credit: vat19com via YouTube

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