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Concrete People Made As Reef Underwater?

October 15, 2010

Being underwater seeing statues of people can somewhat give you under-the-sea goosebumps. But this work of Jason de Caires Taylor is not actually for the coming Halloween but it is a part of the Mexican installation and reef conservation project having real people volunteering to give their own cast. This British artist actually created these 350 statues from real people that will eventually grow corals.

Once the corals already bloomed in these statues, Taylor hopes that the scene they have created with the artificial reef will attract tourists and divert them away from the natural reefs of Cancun. The pH levels of the place are carefully neutralized which makes it good for crowds. I have known that over 750,000 tourists and underwater creatures crowd Cancun’s natural reefs every year which destroys its corals.

Right now, the artificial reef is targeted to have 400 statues located 10 feet under the sea and this means another 120 tons of concrete. As you can see in the image, the artistic work is already excellent even if the corals have not bloomed yet. It is already worthy of being a tourist attraction – just don’t go there alone if you don’t want to feel the creeps.

Photo credit: The Daily Mail

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