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Sony Internet TV Powered by Google TV – World’s First

October 12, 2010

The Internet TV by Sony can now be seen live in its press conference where you can witness the world’s 1st HDTV. Google TV powers it.

The $1,399 Sony Internet TV

The Sony Internet TV Hardware

The first lineup to be released by Sony will be available in four types according to size: 24”, 32”, 40” and 46”. These sets will have prices ranging from $599 – $1,399 which can be pre-ordered now at As an offer, Sony also includes an Internet-capable Blu-Ray deck. Now that the holiday season is near, the only device that is powered by Google TV is Sony TV. However, other Google TV devices have some hardware functionalities such as Logitech Revue video chat that Sony TV doesn’t have.

Implementation of Google TV

Google Chrome will be used as the Google TV browser for searching where search results will be gathered through live TV, DVR, the web, and bookmarked programming. It can also tap into the ecosystem of your Google TV’s Android.

Logitech’s implementation with the Revue is noticeably more fluid when menu is navigated and lag can is obvious in some of its interface. On the other hand, it has an intuitive menu structure. “Sony Recommends” video channels are also added in the Google platform.

The Keyboard Remote Control

TV Keypad Remote Control

It is uncommon that you see this kind of remote that only this Sony Internet TV has. By simply looking at it, you will simply find it hard to figure out how some buttons work but this remote can be the most convenient way in managing both TV and Internet ability functions. Just like a computer keyboard, this one is equipped with full QWERTY keys and mouse.

Photo credit: Gizmodo

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