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Nostalgic Old Toys Video Not Suitable for Kids

October 8, 2010

While watching this video on its first minute, it gave me a nostalgic feeling about my old toys when I was a kid. I can still remember the helicopter toy on that video that I had once and going back in the 80’s, I never thought that toy helicopters will eventually fly by using remote control! On that video called “Cutter” by Aspirins, you can also spot other famous toys from 80’s to 90’s such as sound recorder, toy piano, Play-Do, and Etch-a- Sketch. I thought I want to show this to my nephews until the next sequences bothered me a bit.

As the video progresses, I noticed the toy knives. Though colorful, they are still knives. It gets freakier when names of drugs were flashed and the colored knives were incorporated with other toys as if they are put in use to hurt or destroy. I don’t know but I can smell messages of violence in this video that we adults can filter but not the kids.

Video credit: MonisuerHarrison via YouTube

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