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A School at the Rainbow’s Foot!

October 5, 2010

A rainbow portal?

Think of what Hansel and Gretel’s evil witch would say about this candy-painted school in Granada, Spain. This educational centre shining with different shades of the spectral colors of rainbow is designed by Architect Alejandro Muñoz Miranda as a 2010 project of the City Government of Albolote in Granada.

Variable sectioning of the building

Entering this magnificent work of architecture is like living a dream sequence of walking through hallways of psychedelic rooms glazed with fruit flavored sweets. Aside from the aesthetics that gives a happy feeling, this 915-square meter structure also possesses an intricate design. Sectioning of the walls and ceiling are variably clever wherein spaces inside are either compressed or decompressed. This amazing design helps the users to determine the uses of each section which include classrooms, bathrooms, corridors, porch, garden, and so on. The designs and colors of each room also determine the age group of the students who are going to use them. Some rooms are also specifically designed according to the movement of the sun where sunlight may or may not be needed to enter.

What color is your room?

Visiting this educational centre will not only give its students a nice learning environment experience but also a nice stay inside “a school at the rainbow’s foot.”

Photo credits: Fernando Alda via DailyArch

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