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Tiger Woods’ Golf Ball Hits Photographer’s Camera!

October 4, 2010

Click! What the...?!

This amazing photo of a flying golf ball was taken by Mark Pain, photographer of Mail on Sunday who is probably having opposing feelings now of whether he would be proud or not with this nice shoot. Knowing that the price of taking this photo is hitting and damaging your camera with an angered Tiger Woods because of the screw up, you would also feel the same as the photographer did at that very moment.

Mark Pain must have probably forgotten about his camera to whether it is damaged or not because he might be in bigger trouble with Tiger Woods by taking pictures at the wrong position. Woods must have given his best on that swing and a photographer ruined every moment is a thought that Pain must have been thinking about at that moment. So what he did that time after the golf ball hit the camera is to pack everything and flee the scene before Woods or his caddie Steve Williams gets him!

On the other hand, Pain should be happy hearing the news on how Woods reacted on what happened. According to Woods, he was furious but neither on the photographer’s nor his wrong position in taking photographs. Woods was actually blaming himself for having a bad mistake which caused the golf ball to fly on the unfortunate Pain’s camera.

Photo credit: The Daily Mall

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