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Nokia N8 – Losing the Usability Test?

October 3, 2010

This is not the first time that Nokia finds itself in the brink of being an outcast compared to its competitors especially in the United States. It was not like before that people around the world go gaga about this phone brand because of its functionality and design. This time, Nokia must make a move before it ends up being an unnoticed piece of junk. Lately, it did start to make a comeback with its latest offering – the Nokia N8. So we tried to compare its functionality with two other new brands and it seems that Nokia did not do its homework at all.

This is a head to head comparison between three of the latest phones by simply evaluating their use and functions. Certain uses and functions that we have tried to test in Nokia N8 and two other phones include mapping directions, sending email, and taking photo. We made sure that we three testers have the same constraints in testing, same email sent for example, while having different phones. With this test, Nokia fans will be disappointed because N8 simply looked like a loser when it comes to usability. It has been obvious from the evaluation that Nokia still have to catch up with interface and hardware technology.

Well, this test is not to diss Nokia but just to prove if the brand already has redeemed itself. Apparently, it did not.

Photo credit: Gizmodo

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