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Twin Gadgets: Arc Touch Mouse and Form 3 Sextoy

September 15, 2010

Sex toys created nowadays can give anyone pleasure with a futuristic touch by the way they look and feel. If you can remember the similarity in look of the Millennium Falcon and Jimmy Jane’s Form 2 sextoy, you can say it is funny but it really is the new trend when it comes to self-stimulation. Since the Victorian times, self-manipulation machines are already invented and as time passed, those gadgets have improved starting from large steam machines to smaller soft gadgets that even makes it easy to hide!

The Form 3 sextoy

The introduction of the newest Form 3 rechargeable vibrator is a sequel to the Form 2 that looked like the Millennium Falcon piloted by Hans Solo. But now, the fresh vibrator model is no longer a resemblance of any spaceship or anything from Star Wars. The Form 3 rechargeable vibrator however looks like a mouse – not the real live mouse but a computer gadget used for clicking as we know. It actually has a very close resemblance to the Touchstrip Arc touch mouse by Microsoft, a slim mouse which replaces the traditional scroll wheel.

Touchstrip Arc Mouse by Microsoft

Form 3 is a vibrator made from organic silicone costing a staggering $145 for your own pleasure. When it comes to battery power longevity, this can really give you longer happy hours for it can power up to 7 vibrating hours. What is amazing about this device aside from its form and feel is the speed quality of the vibrations. You can even watch demo videos about the device when put in water being tested for its speed.

If ever it happens that you have both Form 3 and Arc Touch Mouse in your home, better watch out or you might be using mouse under your pants.

Photo credits: Fuse Project and Gizmodo

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