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New iPod Nano and Shuffle’s Design: Apple’s Big Secret

September 13, 2010
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If you have been impressed with the new release of iPod Nano and Shuffle by Apple, you will be amazed to know the secrets on how they came up with these models. First, let us take a quick review of both devices.

The iPod Nano now embraces the Touch technology. The old click wheel has been eliminated and what’s left is a small screen that you can actually navigate using your fingers. The new Nano has standard touch menus namely Playlist, Now Playing, Radio, and Clock wherein you can add other applications such as Fitness, Photos, and more. If you have been used with the elongated Nano, you will be surprised that this new model is almost as small as the Shuffle. This gives the user the advantage to carry the device more handily especially during sports activities and workout.

Now let’s talk about the iPod Shuffle. Compared to this model’s most previous model, the control buttons were replaced by an in-line control. But now, the buttons are back in the new Shuffle but the digital Voice-over that announces the playlist and song titles is still present. What I just missed from the 2nd generation models that are not brought back in this new model is the lock button feature that is very useful whenever you might always accidentally bump onto things that would unwontedly change the song played. Sound is solid with earphones or headphones but may sound tinny when using speakers.

Here is Apple’s secret idea in creating these new iPod models:

If you have both the new model of Nano and Shuffle, try putting them together. You will notice that it looks like the old iPod. The secret is that the old iPod is just cut in half!

Photo credits: The Daily What

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