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Man Chose Silicone Doll as Replacement for Girlfriend

September 8, 2010

Have you ever thought of owning a sex doll that is a perfect clone of your celebrity fantasy, a sexy female model, or even your ex-girlfriend? Dolls used for personal sexual pleasure have been available commercially since the late 80’s. Now, high end dolls are even created to be more human in form with complete body parts and functional parts or accessories for sexual stimulation. Recently, a wealthy businessman longed to recreate a girlfriend who just dumped him by asking a talented doll maker, Diego Bortolin, to make the customized sex doll for him.

Photo credits: CEN/Europics

$15000 Silicone doll

Bortolin owns a shop in Italy called Tentazioni (which means “Temptation”) and has been known to create dolls that are very close to real women. These dolls are usually made of silicone with metal skeletons and sold for about $5,000. However, according to Bortolin, the unnamed businessman paid him $15,000 to make a doll that matches all the features of his girlfriend from the photographs that he brought to the shop. The 50-year old man has wanted Bortolin to reproduce her 127 lb, 160 cm tall girl but also with special request – bigger boobs!

According to Bortolin, the price is expensive because the details from head to toe which includes the size and shape of nails and teeth must be copied. This means that everyone who is fantasizing to have a celebrity partner at night or a supermodel at home can have it done by paying also the right amount. If you are wealthy enough, you will not only have a perfect girlfriend but you can even have a collection of girlfriends inside your own house!

Jayden’s thought: “Having a dream partner immortalized through a sex doll will always be pleasurable. However, finding a true woman will always be something that you should look forward to especially when you are finding love. But it is actually the person’s choice on whatever makes him or her happy especially when it comes to satisfying libido.”


Photo credits: CEN/Europics

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